The Best Bible Board Games for Kids

One of the ways to keep the kids informed about the Word of God is to introduce Bible games to them. The Bible board games for kids listed here will help your children know more about of the Word of God.

I love games, but it is important to give them the right games.

Bible board games for kids are important to educate our children in the Word. We have children who spend their time in video games that do not help them grow spiritually, but video games have turned so many kids into monsters.

You can play these games during the Christmas season.

Here are the Bible games you can introduce to your children.

These games can be used in Sunday School, homeschool, and also at home.

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Bibleopoly: A Biblical Game of Fun & Faith

With Bibleopoly, you can enjoy the fun of a property trading game while learning about the remarkable cities of the Bible! Start “In the Beginning”, and travel through biblical cites of Meditation, Community Celebration, and occasionally the Abyss!

You can earn a Cornerstone by helping a fellow player, or but doing community service, and make offerings in order to earn the bricks and steeple you need to build a church.

Watch out for the “Go Meditate” spot on the board, though–you’ll lose three turns! Also, though good deeds are rewarded, sometimes “Faith Cards” intervene. Recommended for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult.

Bible Tribond Game

Bible Tribond is simple to play and challenging to win! It introduces players to the wisdom and truth of the Bible in a non-intimidating way. By mixing commonly known clues with clues found in the Bible, players are offered a game that is both scripturally sound and incredibly fun.

Guess the common bond among three clues. For example, what do “the tomb on Easter,” “the promises of the world,” and “a car that’s out of gas” have in common? (They’re empty.) Includes a game board, 1,200 questions on 300 cards, 15 playing pieces, die, and instructions.

The questions are fully referenced from the New International Version of the Bible. Recommended for 2 or more players, ages 12 and up.

Bible Blurt!

Think fast, but blurt faster! The village where Jesus was born was . . . ? The player or team to answer Bible questions the quickest—and advance on the game board the fastest—wins!

A fun way to learn more about God’s Word. Includes 1,200 questions on 300 cards. For 3 to 12 players, ages 8 to adult.

Biblical Chronology Game

This game is in Spanish and English

The Kronos Bible Game is will allow you to learn the order of historical biblical facts in a chronological way and place them better in time. To elaborate this game the authors have used a literal interpretation of the facts and events of the Bible, knowing that there are many other interpretations when considering biblical chronology. Thus the creation of Adam and Eve has been located in 4004 B.C.

This date is refuted by other hermeneutical methods. Other facts, such as the birth of Methuselah or the year in which Abraham was called, are impossible to give them with an exact date, so the authors have put an approximate date. Even so, this fact does not alter the chronological order of the events presented in the letters, and therefore the historical sequence of these.

Game Objective: Place the cards in their historical order as they appear. The first to run out of cards wins.

Content: Eighty (80) cards. On one side appears the historical fact with an image (but no date), on the reverse exactly the same information plus the date on which the event took place.

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